Capacity Building


CERM-ESA Capacity Building Programme

1.Research Supervision of Higher Degrees in Education

This course is largely based on materials developed and made available by the Nederlands Organisation for international cooperation in higher education (NUFFIC). It aims to strengthen postgraduate supervision by offering structured support to (novice) supervisors to engage in the practice of postgraduate supervision in an informed and reflective way.
It is organised in two on-site phases and an online phase in between. The first CERM-ESA cohort consisting of staff members of all four African partner universities completed the programme in January 2016, the second cohort in December 2016.

2.Capacity Building Workshops’ Research Methodologies

These workshops offer a forum for researchers and supervisors of postgraduate students to be trained and to exchange on innovative and creative educational research methodologies in international contexts. These workshops are organised in connection with research exchange visits between the partner institutions which are supported by CERM-ESA. For 2016, these educational research methodology workshops at the Centre are facilitated by NMMU staff members on

a) Participatory Visual Methodologies: Photo-voice;


b) Design-based Research;

c) Performative arts and drama-in-education.

Participants at the training

3.Staff Development Programme ‘Educational Research Management in African and International Contexts’

This course aims to support educational managers in the partnering Faculties of Education (deans, heads of departments, directors of postgraduate studies) in their efforts to strengthen educational research in their faculties. The course focuses on project management, how to attract national/international funding for research projects, strategic management and leadership and publication management. The first management course runs between March and October 2017.

4. Principal’s and Teachers’ Days

The first capacity building day for Principals of Secondary Schools in the Eldoret region has taken place on 08 July 2016 at the Centre The Theme of the workshop was ‘Managing Schools in the Context of Dynamics in the Education Sector’.

The topics covered included, Strategic Management and leadership in Schools, Project Management, Personnel Development and Team Building, Budgeting & Procurement Process, Curriculum Supervision and ICT Integration in Education.

The aim of these workshop days are to create a network of schools to collaborate with the Centre, to support the schools by offering further education and training in areas identified as challenging and to enable exchange and cooperation between the schools.

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