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5th CERMESA RESEARCH SCHOOL FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES, Was held in Moi University Main Campus from 4th February 2019 to 16th February 2019

A warm welcome to the 5th CERM-ESA Research School! We are happy to host you at Moi University and we sincerely hope that the Research School will be an enriching and a fruitful experience. In this booklet you will find a detailed programme of the different activities planned for each day. We also encourage you to contact the project coordinator and project assistants with any administrative queries or issues you may have. They will be more than happy to assist you.Over the course of the next two weeks, you will be participating in a range of different workshops, training sessions and meetings, each of which addresses various elements. Please refer to the programme for the detailed schedule.We acknowledge the immense sponsorship and support from DAAD and take the opportunity to appreciate them. We also thank each one of you for you have given so much dedication and commitment to organizing this event. We look forward to more growth and collaboration as we begin our second phase of CERM-ESA 2019-2023. IN  PHOTOS


CERM-ESA Wishes to invite all the postgraduate students form the school of Education for the above Workshop form 8:30am to 4:15pm, the topics to be covered will be:


  • Thesis writing

  • Research Methodology(Qualitative)

  • Research Methodology(Quantitative)

  • Publication and Powerpoint


The East and South African-German Centre for Educational Methodologies and Management (CERM-ESA) is one of ten African-German Centres of Excellence spread across the continent. The African Excellence programme funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) aims at producing highly qualified future managers and leaders in Africa and each centre provides a link between African and German higher education institutions. Initially, the focus of CERM-ESA was on supervision support, scholarships for Master’s and Doctoral students and research. This focus has been extended and now includes teaching and learning and community engagement. It is this wider vision of CERM-ESA which initiated the CABLES project. The CERM-ESA Capacity Building Programme for Lecturers and Supervisors (CABLES) programme is designed to support academics participating in DAAD funded Centres of African Excellence throughout Africa.

The just completed 4th CERM-ESA research school took place in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth- South Africa. The 2nd Cohort Master’s students were accompanied by the Project leader, Prof. Chang’ach, the project coordinator, Dr. Susan Kurgat and one of the project supervisors, Prof. John Boit. The 4th Research school hosted at the Nelson Mandela University was an enriching and productive experience that will enable the students to make significant progress with their research.


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