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The 3rd offering of CERM-ESA Capacity Building Programme for Lecturers and Supervisors (CABLES) kicked off today at the Moi University, PDN Complex, Eldoret. The CABLES programme is designed to support lecturers and supervisors participating in DAAD funded Centres of African Excellence throughout Africa. The aim of the CABLES programme is to support the work already being done in terms of teaching and research supervision. Moi University, being the host of one of the DAAD funded Centres of African Excellence (CERM-ESA), is a beneficiary of the programme. The CABLES@MU2019 workshop which will end on 7th June, 2019, targets all the PhD holders in the School of Education and representatives from the other 14 schools in Moi University.  The first offering (CABLES@MANDELA2018) that targeted the Southern Africa Centres of Excellence was held at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa; the second offering (CABLES@EA2018) that was meant for the East African Centres of Excellence was offered at the Zanzibar Beach Resort, Zanzibar; and the 4th offering (CABLES@WA2019), for the West African Centres of Excellence will be held in October, 2019 in Accra, Ghana.


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