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The just completed 4th CERM-ESA research school took place in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth- South Africa. The 2nd Cohort Master’s students were accompanied by the Project leader, Prof. Chang’ach, the project coordinator, Dr. Susan Kurgat and one of the project supervisors, Prof. John Boit. The 4th Research school hosted at the Nelson Mandela University was an enriching and productive experience that will enable the students to make significant progress with their research.

The students are currently analysing their data, and therefore, the Research school was of importance in that they participated in a range of different workshops, training sessions and meetings; each of which addressed various elements and stages that they need to go through on their journey to the successful completion of their research study. Not only did they participate in workshops and training sessions, but also dedicated writing time and the opportunity to present their research to their supervisors, expert academics and their peers for feedback.

In the conceptualization of the research school, every attempt was made to provide a diverse and stimulating programme and looking back- it was a fruitful experience!


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